Helios Gear Products

Helios Gear Products

Refresh a 35-year-old brand to scale digital presence and business development.

Rebranding is a delicate process, especially with a complete name and image change. As Helios' product offerings and service capabilities grew beyond their original 1988 identity, the Helios brand was formed to establish a new identity that was inclusive of all capabilities and aligned with a new organizational direction.

With this wide breadth of machine, tool, and service capabilities that support hundreds of unique manufacturing operations, Helios' success also hinged on their ability to elegantly and efficiently present solutions to their customers.


Strategically position Helios to represent the key to growth and manufacturing innovation.

We created a scalable content strategy to fuel demand generation and support Helios’ sales team, while performing as a fully integrated, fully outsourced marketing department to manage branding, website, advertising, and content development.

Doubled tool sales

in year one of partnership

400% increase

in website visits

90% reduction

in ad cost per click

"Montgomery Code has been a value-add to our company's marketing efforts, swiftly guiding a complete rebrand of our three-decade-old company. They have delivered assets that equipped our sales team to be more effective, and our tool sales have more than doubled with their help."

- Adam Gimpert, President


Intuitive product literature, engaging social media, targeted digital advertising, product launch videos, and precise messaging.