Produce detailed technical marketing content to translate complex process into a concise value proposition.

With complex, delicate, and potentially dangerous manufacturing processes, bringing new hires, customers, and contractors into manufacturing facilities poses risks to both the people involved and the product. It was clear that creating tools to educate audiences outside of Cannon-Muskegon manufacturing facilities would promote safety, product quality, and efficiency.


We are a trusted creative resource for launching products and programs.

We crafted process orientation brochures with custom illustrations, facility tour and safety orientation training videos, and custom product catalog applications, while performing as a fully integrated, fully outsourced marketing department.

With insightful literature tools, Cannon-Muskegon was able to identify specific segments of their process and explain competitive differentiation points with elegance and impact, while protecting intellectual property. Detailed orientation videos reduced risk by familiarizing individuals with their process before setting foot in the facility and in some cases, eliminating the need for a facility tour altogether, saving time, resources, and improving safety. By leveraging the website catalog application, customers can identify a product or range of products in just a few seconds, enabling a solution path to be identified prior to the first phone call or email, for more engaging, solution-driven conversations.

"I rely on Montgomery Code to execute various projects related to our sales and marketing activities. In every case, the team drives the project through completion well beyond my expectations. Our digital lead activity has tripled with the recent launch of our new product catalog tool."

- Michael King, General Manager


Comprehensive product and process literature, engaging training videos, and intuitive product reference tools enhance experiences throughout the company.