Identify and produce a narrative that highlights the transformative partnership between TytoCare, a global telehealth start-up, and Michigan's largest healthcare system, Corewell Health.

Our goal was to understand and showcase how an innovative virtual healthcare solution exponentially improved rural healthcare access for patients, team members, and the community through photo and video production.


Through extensive research and interviews, craft an authentic, engaging dialogue to highlight the advantages of this tech-enabled partnership.

We mobilized quickly to lead strategic pre-planning, on-site preparation, shoot-day interviews with executive leadership, and final editing to succinctly align multiple value propositions stemming from this innovative technology partnership.


Uncovering a compelling human-centered success story and meaningful metrics.

Our expertise in facilitating genuine dialogue paired with our cinematic videography capabilities enabled TytoCare to share the heartwarming impact and remarkable business growth their product drives.

Product Capabilities

• TytoCare provides a portable medical exam kit, facilitating real-time, high quality, remote physical exams between patients and physicians.

• With this FDA-cleared technology, physicians can examine the ears, lungs, heart, throat, skin, and body temperature remotely, allowing for accurate diagnoses and specialized treatment plans from anywhere.

• TytoCare not only enhances the clinical virtual healthcare experience, but also enhances operational workflows by allowing physicians to see more patients in less time which optimizes resources and improves healthcare access.

Human Impact

• After a significant injury, Becca, a Physician Assistant, could no longer provide in-person care; however, using TytoCare's innovative telehealth solution, she could continue her work from home by seeing patients virtually. 

• The use of TytoCare not only preserved Becca's career and sense of fulfillment, but also expanded patient access to care across multiple clinics; TytoCare allowed Becca to see over 50 patients in a 12-hour virtual shift, compared to only 20 patients during an in-person shift. 

• This unique use case demonstrates the significant role technology plays in overcoming physical and geographic barriers in healthcare access, especially in rural communities.

Synthesizing unique product perspectives and human experiences into a concise, impactful cinematic story proved to be a powerful product marketing tool for both TytoCare and Corewell Health strategic communication teams, while amplifying TytoCare’s role in enhancing global healthcare access.

"The team at Montgomery Code was fantastic to work with, and the results have been amazing. Thank you so much for all your hard work!"

- Joanna Braunold, Director of Content & Communications at TytoCare


Capturing a revolutionary healthcare access journey with stunning photo and video storytelling.