Gracefully Natural

Gracefully Natural

Transform an organic cosmetics shop into a thriving e-commerce brand.

Swiftly rebrand a local shop and restructure their massive product catalog to convert more customers and generate national demand.


Craft a product catalog structure and consistent branding to catapult sales conversion.

Clean, consistent new branding that was elegantly translated across packaging for 200+ SKUs, and a new product catalog structure to provide an intuitive online shopping experience. Just days after Gracefully Natural's website launch, conversion improved by over 7%. By implementing upsell and abandoned cart strategies, coupled with enriched brand recognition, Gracefully Natural converted even more customers, driving local and out-of-state sales.

Months later, Gracefully Natural contracted our team to manage social media and advertising. After the first month, average customer acquisition rose from 40 to 700, and continues to grow MoM.

Performance in top 1%

of all Shopify stores

1.6% to 8.9% conversion rate

improvement within first month

1650% increase in customer acquisition

with organic social media management

"In one month our website sales conversion improved from 1.6% to 8.9%. This was huge for our small, growing company. The ROI on the entire e-commerce re-launch was only 2 weeks. Now we rely on Montgomery Code's design and content expertise to introduce new products, and manage our website and social media."

- Kera Matthews, Founder & CEO


Clean, consistent branding and packaging design builds trust and recognition, while an intuitive user experience drives sales.