Brand the future of construction to make a national impact.

Inphastos needed to shed their image as a traditional construction company and launch a new, more accurate technology-focused Saas brand identity to convert customer and investor relationships from conceptual to contractual. Brand strategy required succinctly articulating a complex product that included innovation in software, manufacturing technology, and field team strategy.


An innovative brand identify with accurate positioning to exponentially scale investment and revenue.

With an illustrated product artwork suite for the website, we demonstrated to prospective builder partners that Inphastos is a comprehensive solution to the longstanding, systemic inefficiencies of the construction industry. We also captured every milestone with photo and video content to instantly incorporate the latest product progress into fundraising pitch decks, social media streams, and feed content to the press. These milestones served as validation and public demonstration of product capabilities, inspiring builder customers and investors alike to join Inphastos.

$12 Million

capital raise

10x revenue growth

in 9 months

3x expanded footprint

projects in 3 states

"As embedded, valued contributors to our team, Montgomery Code developed and launched a cohesive communication strategy across sales, marketing, investor relations, recruiting, and team safety, driving significant growth in each area, resulting in 1000% growth in revenue over 9 months."

- Nathan Bildeaux, VP Sales


New digital and pitch experiences enabled Inphastos to secure capital investments and customer relationships at a national scale.