Cleveland Cyclewerks

Cleveland Cyclewerks

Launch the future of two-wheeled transit into the digital marketplace.

A new electric vehicle startup enters the marketplace everyday with a truck, car, motorcycle, or e-bike offering. The market is becoming saturated and inherently noisy, making it difficult for consumers to differentiate between brands and identify a suitable solution for their transit and joy-seeking needs. Cleveland CycleWerks required a website that would cut through the noise to present the future of fun: their small, affordable electric motorcycle.


An intriguing, intuitive website to convert customers and investors.

We crafted a digital launch strategy that aligned messaging on all platforms, funneling to an intuitive website that engaged and converted Cleveland's target customers and investors. With compelling communication and efficient conversion, we grew Cleveland's fan base, secured investments, and promoted global preorders for The Falcon. Cleveland has since secured major investment and rebranded as "Land Energy."

45,000+ new website page views

in first month

15,000+ website unique visitors

in first month

Sold out pre-orders

for the Falcon BLK Founders Edition

"We're a small team developing and supporting globally distributed motorcycles. We're also fundraising to scale and expand our electric vehicle product lines. Simply put, I don't have time. The team came in and had a gorgeous new website launched in only a few weeks, while seamlessly integrating into our team."

- Scott Colosimo, CEO


We crafted a content strategy and messaging for compelling communication that grew their fan base, secured investments, and promoted pre-orders.